Doug Graybeal

Happiness does not come from what you achieve, but in the act of achieving it.  That is the mindset behind my photography.  My vision is to provide inspiration through fine art, my blog and public speaking.  Life is all about the journey and I look forward to sharing my own through this website.  I hope it helps to inspire you on your journey, as well.

I began taking pictures about 10 years ago.  We had returned from a vacation to Hawaii and I couldn't understand why my snap shots weren't as good as the professional images in the magazines.  My competitive nature kicked in and I began learning more about photography as an art.  Over the years I have experimented with many different genres and I consider myself a continuous student of fine art photography - the start of the journey.   I am always creating new projects from places I visit around the country as I try to bring a different perspective to familiar landmarks. Whether it sparks a feeling or memory, I hope you’ll enjoy my work. I post new images all the time so, if you like what you see, please bookmark my page and visit often.

When I am not taking pictures or writing my blog, I am enjoying life with my wife Gayle and my two teenage boys, Gavin and Quinton and our dog, Puffer in The San Francisco Bay Area.  They are who inspire me most as I have learned from them that each moment in life is its own unique and equally important photograph of this journey with no end.  That is what it is all about.