Marin Headlands: Good Place to Find Inspiration

There I was, standing on top of a very cold bluff of the Marin Headlands.  One slip on the rocky cliff and I would fall hundreds of feet into the cold water of the San Francisco Bay.  The wind was fierce.  The air was frigid.  My fingers were numb.  My wife, Gayle, was in the car staying warm.  She is always a good sport on my crazy adventures.  I was loving it.  All I wanted was to capture this picture.  That, my friends, brings me to my first blog.

For a few years now, I’ve been wanting to become a better fine art photographer (work in progress), build a website to sell my pictures and write a blog that would inspire people.  First, I needed a new camera (Nikon D810, for you camera buffs) and build a new portfolio.  I also needed the finest printing options for art photography and a website.  Done.  Done. And, done!  Now, it is time to launch my new blog.  Are you ready?  Here we go!

You can’t be a photographer living in the Bay Area and not want to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge.  Marin County is complete with rolling hills and country roads lined with dairy farms that lead to large sandy beaches and the best wineries in the world in neighboring Sonoma and Napa Counties. In between all of that are vineyards, national parks and one of the most famous bridges in the world.  That brings me to the moment when I took this pic.

The Marin Headlands stand high above the North side of the Golden Gate passage way into the San Francisco Bay.  Now part of the national park system, it holds a light house, old army garrisons and buildings, hundreds of miles of hiking trails and countless species wild animals from bob cats to coyotes and everything in between.  The water below is home to several species of whales, sea lions and great white sharks.  While San Francisco is known for its fog, the Headlands are known for pounding wind and ever changing weather.  It can be very cold, at times.  Regardless, taking this pic, I was in my element. 

Travel, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and feeling out of my comfort zone seems is what turns me on.  Photography is a way for me to process that.  Taking this picture from this spot and all the beauty it has to offer is a great place for me to launch this blog.  Life is All About the Journey.  Very true, but that Journey Starts Within.  Each of us holds the key to our own future.  We can unlock our own passions; face our fears; feed our souls.  As I write a new blog each week, I’ll share my experiences.  I promise, I’ll keep it short and try to be inspiring, not boring.  All I ask is that you read it, “like” it, share it and comment.  Welcome to my journey.  Come along for the ride.